Thunder Rock | 1942 | Michael Redgrave, Barbara Mullen

Thunder Rock | 1942 | Michael Redgrave, Barbara Mullen

The Boultings, who were taken out of army service by the MOI to film this propagandist play, give credit to Mutz Greenbaum for achieving the necessary effects on screen with the ghostly figures. The action takes place in a lighthouse (built at a steep angle to enhance the dream- like effects) in which the keeper (Redgrave) lives in isolation, disillusioned by the general antipathy to the rise of fascism.

The original play by Ardrey had failed in the American theatre, but it was filmed (like 49th Parallel) to encourage America out of its isolationist stance. More than that, it is a startlingly original work of cinema.

Michael Redgrave as David Charleston
Barbara Mullen as Ellen Kirby
James Mason as Streeter
Lilli Palmer as Melanie Kurtz
Finlay Currie as Capt. Joshua Stuart
Frederick Valk as Dr. Kurtz
Sybille Binder as Anne Marie
Frederick Cooper as Briggs
Jean Shepeard as Mrs. Briggs
Barry Morse as Robert
George Carney as Harry
Miles Malleson as Chairman of Directors
Bryan Herbert as Flanning
James Pirrie as New Pilot
A.E. Matthews as Mr. Kirby
Olive Sloane as Woman Director
Tommy Duggan as Office Clerk
Tony Quinn as Office Clerk
Harold Anstruther as British Consul
Alfred Sangster as Director
Gerard Heinz as Dr. Hartmann (uncredited)
Vi Kaley as Old Woman in Cell (uncredited)
David Keir as 1st Magistrate (uncredited)
Andreas Malandrinos as Italian Police Chief (uncredited)
Arnold Marlé as President of the Medical Society (uncredited)
Bernard Rebel as Italian Passenger (uncredited)
Victor Rietti as Doctor (uncredited)
Raymond Rollett as 1st Judge (uncredited)
Milo Sperber as Mr. Hirohiti (uncredited)

Art Direction: Duncan Sutherland
Director Of Photography: Mutz Greenbaum
Camera Operator: Jack Hildyard
Costume Design: Honoria Plesch
Special Effects: Frederick Ford
Sound Recordist: John Cook
Special Effects: Tom Howard
Director: Roy Boulting
Editor: Roy Boulting
Producer: John Boulting
Music: Hans May
Boom Operator: Percy Dayton
Screenplay: Jeffrey Dell
Screenplay: Bernard Miles
Theatre Play: Robert Ardrey

UK | 112 minutes | 1942



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