Twins of Evil | Hammer, 1971 | Peter Cushing, Madeleine Collinson

Twins of Evil | Hammer, 1971 | Peter Cushing, Madeleine Collinson

One of Hammer’s saucier efforts, with Playboy’s centre spread Collinson twins as sisters who are sent to stay with their uncle (Cushing), only to be thrust into all manner of blood-sucking thrills when it becomes apparent that vampires are living nearby. Although the twin storyline gives rise to a few interesting twists, this borders on the exploitational. While the picture does offer the sort of neat shocks and gore synonymous with Hammer, it also sets out to promote its identical stars’ assets for all they are worth.

Peter Cushing as Gustav Weil
Madeleine Collinson as Frieda Gellhorn
Mary Collinson as Maria Gellhorn
Dennis Price as Dietrich
Damien Thomas as Count Karnstein
Katya Wyeth as Countess Mircalla
Maggie Wright as Alexa
David Warbeck as Anton Hoffer
Harvey Hall as Franz
Luan Peters as Gerta
Alex Scott as Hermann
Isobel Black as Ingrid Hoffer
Roy Stewart as Joachim
Kathleen Byron as Katy Weil
Peter Thompson as Gaoler
Shelagh Wilcocks as Lady in Coach
Inigo Jackson as Woodman
Judy Matheson as Woodman’s Daughter
Kirsten Lindholm as Young Girl at Stake
George Claydon as Midget (uncredited)
Janet Lynn as Schoolgirl (uncredited)

Director: John Hough
Script: Tudor Gates Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

UK | Hammer | 87 minutes | 1971



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