Under Capricorn | 1949 | Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten

Under Capricorn | 1949 | Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten

Alfred Hitchcock oddity, like a second-rate Gainsborough melodrama transplanted to Australia, in which a drunken Ingrid Bergman, driven to the bottle by her husband’s cruelty, is drawn to her cousin (Joseph Cotten), just off the boat from England. The two stars offer reheated versions of their performances in Gaslight – the relationship between their two characters is much the same, and despite the odd experimentally distended take, Hitch seems as glum and dissatisfied with the material as his cast. If you’re trying to remember the titles of all of his films to pass a tedious journey, this is the one that nobody will remember.

Ingrid Bergman as Lady Henrietta Flusky
Joseph Cotten as Sam Flusky
Michael Wilding as Charles Adare
Margaret Leighton as Milly
Cecil Parker as The Governor
Denis O’Dea as Mr. Corrigan
Jack Watling as Winter
Harcourt Williams as The Coachman
John Ruddock as Mr. Potter
Bill Shine as Mr. Banks
Victor Lucas as The Reverend Smiley
Alfred Hitchcock as Man at Governor’s Reception

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Script: Helen Simpson, John Colton, Margaret Linden, Hume Cronyn, James Bridie, Peter Ustinov

UK | 108 minutes | 1949



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