Under the Red Robe | 1937 | Conrad Veidt, Annabella

Under the Red Robe | 1937 | Conrad Veidt, Annabella

Another version of the story that had already been filmed twice in 1916 and 1923. This time around, with the benefit of sound, Conrad Veidt is the swordsman who escapes execution when Cardinal Richelieu (Raymond Massey) sends him off to kill a rebel Huguenot duke, but soon finds himself in way over his head. Not exactly challenging viewing, but there is enough exciting swash and buckle on display, along with a cheery matinee feel, to render this decent wet-afternoon viewing.|NULL|Swashbucker Gil De Berault is bound for the guillotine when he is given one last chance for a pardon.

Conrad Veidt as Gil de Berault
Annabella as Lady Marguerite of Fiox
Raymond Massey as Cardinal Richelieu
Romney Brent as Marius
Sophie Stewart as Elise, Duchess of Fiox
Wyndham Goldie as Edmond, Duke of Fiox (as F. Wyndham Goldie)
Lawrence Grant as Father Joseph
Balliol Holloway as Clon

Director: Victor Sjöström
Script: Stanley J. Weyman, Lajos Biró, Philip Lindsay, J.L. Hodson

UK | 80 minutes | 1937



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