Up Pompeii | 1971 | Frankie Howerd, Madeline Smith

Frankie Howerd stars in the big-screen adaptation of the TV series about a slave in ancient Rome. Here, he has come into possession of a scroll detailing an assassination plot on the life of emperor Nero (Patrick Gargill).

Frankie Howerd as Lurcio
Michael Hordern as Ludicrus Sextus
Barbara Murray as Ammonia
Patrick Cargill as Nero
Lance Percival as Bilius
Julie Ege as Voluptua
Bill Fraser as Prosperus Maximus
Rita Webb as Cassandra
Bernard Bresslaw as Gorgo
Adrienne Posta as Scrubba
Madeline Smith as Erotica
Royce Mills as Nausius
Ian Trigger as Odius
Aubrey Woods as Villanus
Hugh Paddick as Priest

Director: Bob Kellett
Script: Sid Colin, Talbot Rothwell

UK | 90 minutes | 1971


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