Up the Junction | 1968 | Suzy Kendall, Dennis Waterman,

An adaptation of Ken Loach’s television docu-drama made three years earlier, itself based on the Dunn novel. Upper-class Chelsea girl Polly (Suzy Kendall) decides to relieve her boredom by moving to a working-class area of Clapham. She takes a job in a sweet factory and soon makes friends with co-workers Rube (Adrienne Posta) and Sylvie (Maureen Lipman). However, her social climb-down comes a cropper when she falls for geezer Peter (Dennis Waterman) who dreams of becoming rich.

Suzy Kendall as Polly
Dennis Waterman as Pete
Maureen Lipman as Sylvie
Adrienne Posta as Rube
Liz Fraser as Mrs. McCarthy
Linda Cole as Pauline
Doreen Herrington as Rita
Jessie Robins as Lil
Barbara Archer as May
Ruby Head as Edith
Susan George as Joyce
Queenie Watts as
Michael Standing as John

Art Direction: Seamus Flannery
Director Of Photography: Arthur Lavis
Director Of Photography: Tony Spratling
Director: Peter Collinson
Editor: John Trumper
Producers: John Brabourne, Ned Sherrin
Casting: Robert Lennard
Original Music Composers: Mike Hugg And Manfred Mann
Novel: Nell Dunn
Screenplay: Roger Smith

UK | 119 minutes | 1968


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