Venom | 1981 | Klaus Kinski, Oliver Reed

Venom | 1981 | Klaus Kinski, Oliver Reed

Unpleasant suspense chiller based on the novel by Alan Scholefield that features a big name-British cast. Toxicologist Dr Stowe (Sarah Miles) manages to lose a deadly Black Mamba, the venom of which she’s been studying. Unfortunately for Dave (Oliver Reed), Jacmel (Klaus Kinski) and Louise (Susan George) – three kidnappers holding a wealthy family’s son for ransom at a nearby house – the snake decides to pay them a visit. Matters are made worse for Dave when the snake decides to crawl up his trousers, sparking some of the best facial expressions ever put on film. Haggard replaced original director Tobe Hooper.

Klaus Kinski as Jacques Müller (Jacmel)
Oliver Reed as Dave Averconnelly
Nicol Williamson as Cmdr. William Bulloch
Sarah Miles as Dr. Marion Stowe
Sterling Hayden as Howard Anderson
Cornelia Sharpe as Ruth Hopkins
Lance Holcomb as Philip Hopkins
Susan George as Louise Andrews
Michael Gough as David Ball
Mike Gwilym as Det. Constable Dan Spencer
Edward Hardwicke as Lord Dunning
John Forbes-Robertson as Sgt. Nash
Hugh Lloyd as Cab Driver
Rita Webb as Mrs. Loewenthal
Maurice Colbourne as Sampson
Nicholas Donnelly as Superintendent
Ian Brimble as Constable
Alan Ford as Peters
Cyril Conway as Man in 17
David Sterne as Driver
Charles Cork as Driver’s Mate
Eric Richard as Airline Clerk
Howard Bell as Constable
Norman Mann as Williams
Tony Meyer as Martin
Michael Watkins as Rogers
Gerard Ryder as Smith
Moti Makan as Mr Mukerjee
Katherine Wilkinson as Susan Stowe
Arnold Diamond as Head Waiter
Pat Gorman as Policeman
Sally Lahee as Woman in No.17

Additional Photography: Denys N. Coop
Director Of Photography: Gilbert Taylor
Focus Puller: David Wynn-Jones
Director: Piers Haggard
Editor: Michael Bradsell
Producer: Martin Bregman
Original Music Composer: Michael Kamen
Screenplay: Robert Carrington
Novel: Alan Scholefield

UK | 93 minutes | 1981



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