Village of the Damned | 1960 | George Sanders, Barbara Shelley

Village of the Damned | 1960 | George Sanders, Barbara Shelley

John Wyndham’s novel The Midwich Cuckoos was turned very expertly into an eerie British sci-fi movie, which plays effectively on the passive prettiness of an English village. In Midwich, 12 super-intelligent, emotionless, blond children with telepathic powers are all born at the same time. They turn out to be deadly beings from another planet. Naturally, the parents are distraught until one of them, teacher Sanders, whose son is the children’s leader, tries to stop their plan for domination.

The script and direction are rather creaky at times, but the children, whose eyes light up menacingly, are excellent.

George Sanders as Gordon Zellaby
Barbara Shelley as Anthea Zellaby
Martin Stephens as David Zellaby
Michael Gwynn as Alan Bernard
Laurence Naismith as Doctor Willers
Richard Warner as Harrington
Jenny Laird as Mrs. Harrington
Charlotte Mitchell as Janet Pawle
Thomas Heathcote as James Pawle
Bernard Archard as Vicar
Peter Vaughan as P.C. Gobby
John Phillips as General Leighton
John Stuart as Professor Smith
Lesley Scoble as Village Child

Art Direction: Ivan King
Director Of Photography: Geoffrey Faithfull
Costume & Make-Up
Makeup Artist: Eric Aylott
Hairstylist: Joan Johnstone
Director: Wolf Rilla
Editor: Gordon Hales
Producer: Ronald Kinnoch
Production Manager: Denis Johnson
Original Music Composer: Ron Goodwin
Visual Effects: Tom Howard
Novel: John Wyndham
Screenplay: Stirling Silliphant, Ronald Kinnoch, Wolf Rilla

UK | 77 minutes | 1960



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