Walkabout | 1971 | Jenny Agutter, Luc Roeg,

Walkabout | 1971 | Jenny Agutter, Luc Roeg,

After their father commits suicide, an English teenage girl (Agutter) and her younger brother (Roeg’s own son John) wander into the desert where they are saved by aborigine boy Gumpilil. The trio become a wandering family, with John as the wide-eyed son, Agutter the disinterested wife and Gumpilil the silent provider.

This was Roeg’s first film as solo director (he had shared the job with Donald Campbell on Performance). Before he graduated he had been a highly regarded cameraman for the likes of Corman, Schlesinger and Truffaut. Now his photographic skills came to the fore, capturing the mystic, bountiful, unforgiving landscape to compare it with the film’s book-ending vision of a savage city. Meanwhile the players interact to provide an anthropological study of adolescent sexuality and the (in)transmutable roles of child and adult within societies. It’s a film with more adjectives than nouns, but Roeg’s eloquence deserves to be cherished.

Jenny Agutter as Girl
Luc Roeg as White Boy
David Gulpilil as Black Boy
John Meillon as Man
Robert McDarra as Man
Peter Carver as No Hoper
John Illingsworth as Young Man
Hilary Bamberger as Woman
Barry Donnelly as Australian Scientist
Noeline Brown as German Scientist
Carlo Manchini as Italian Scientist

Production Design: Brian Eatwell
Art Direction: Terry Gough
Camera Operator: Mike Molloy
Still Photographer: Dean Goodhill
Director Of Photography: Nicolas Roeg
Makeup Artist: Linda Richmond
Special Effects: Anthony B. Richmond
Additional Music: Karlheinz Stockhausen
Director: Nicolas Roeg
Assistant Director: Kevin Kavanagh
Continuity: Annabel Davis-Goff
Assistant Editor: Brian Mann
Editor: Antony Gibbs
Editor: Alan Pattillo
Producer: Si Litvinoff
Executive Producer: Max L. Raab
Associate Producer: Anthony J. Hope
Production Manager: Grahame Jennings
Other: Irving Zeiger
Music: John Barry
Production Sound Mixer: Barry Brown
Boom Operator: Kevin Kearney
Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Gerry Humphreys
Conductor: John Barry
Music Programmer: Phil Ramone
Songs: Billy Mitchell
Songs: Rod Stewart
Songs: Warren Marley
Writer: Edward Bond
Novel: James Vance Marshall

Australia – UK | 95 minutes | 1971



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