Waltz of the Toreadors | 1962 | Peter Sellers, Margaret Leighton

This adaptation of the titillating play by Jean Anouilh, stars Peter Sellers as General Fitzjohn; eking out his retirement with a harpy wife (Margaret Leighton), while pining for his lost platonic glory days with a seductive French girl (Dany Robin). When the object of his desire unexpectedly turns-up on his doorstep one day, with the aim of taking that unconsummated relationship further, it seems like a case of wish-fulfillment. However, the unexpected (and unwelcome) advances of General Fitzjohn’s aide toward his beloved propel him into instigating a court-martial, leading to an unexpected comic denouement. A.K.A., The Amorous General.

UK | 105 minutes | 1962

Director: John Guillermin

Peter Sellers as Gen. Leo Fitzjohn
Dany Robin as Ghislaine
Margaret Leighton as Emily Fitzjohn
John Fraser as Lt. Robert Finch
Cyril Cusack as Dr. Grogan
Prunella Scales as Estella Fitzjohn



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