Winslow Boy, The | 1948 | Robert Donat, Cedric Hardwicke

Winslow Boy, The | 1948 | Robert Donat, Cedric Hardwicke

Adapted from his play by Terence Rattigan, this film assembled the cream of the talent available in post-war Britain to make what – until Mamet’s later interpretation – seemed the definitive version. The drama, based on a true 1912 case, tells of a naval cadet (North) falsely accused of stealing a friend’s postal order. His father believes him innocent, and eventually brings near-ruin on his family in the legal battle to prove it. Hardwicke is magnificent in the central role as Mr Winslow and Donat memorable as the barrister who wins the case.

A remarkable example of middle-class, middlebrow entertainment that transcends seemingly inherent limitations.

production details

UK | 117 minutes | 1948

Director: Anthony Asquith
Script: Terence Rattigan, Anatole de Grunwald (from Rattigan’s play)

Robert Donat as Sir Robert Morton
Cedric Hardwicke as Arthur Winslow
Basil Radford as Desmond Curry
Margaret Leighton as Catherine Winslow
Kathleen Harrison as Violet
Francis L. Sullivan as Attorney General
Marie Lohr as Grace Winslow
Jack Watling as Dickie Winslow
Walter Fitzgerald as First Lord
Frank Lawton as John Watherstone
Neil North as Ronnie Winslow
Nicholas Hannen as Col. Watherstone
Mona Washbourne as Miss Barnes
Stanley Holloway as Comico
Evelyn Roberts as Hamilton MP
W.A. Kelley as Brian O’Rourke
Edward Lexy as First Elderly Member
Vera Cook as Violet’s friend




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