Women in Love | 1969 | Oliver Reed, Alan Bates

Women in Love | 1969 | Oliver Reed, Alan Bates

Before building his bad-boy reputation with shocking offbeat movies like Tommy (1975) and Crimes of Passion (1984), director Ken Russell stirred up some controversy with this acclaimed, sensual relationship drama, adapted from the novel by D.H. Lawrence. In 1920s England, two sisters (Jennie Linden and Glenda Jackson) begin romances with a pair of lifelong buddies (Alan Bates and Oliver Reed), forming relationships that examine love, marriage, lust and infidelity.

A bold, complex study whose questions still have pertinence today, Women in Love was nominated for four Oscars, with newcomer Jackson winning the best actress award. Upon its release, much of the controversy that surrounded Women in Love centered an unorthodox scene featuring Oliver Reed and Alan Bates wrestling one another in the nude.

UK | 131 minutes | 1969

Director: Ken Russell
Script: Larry Kramer D.H. Lawrence

Alan Bates as Rupert Birkin
Oliver Reed as Gerald Crich
Glenda Jackson as Gudrun Brangwen
Jennie Linden as Ursula Brangwen
Eleanor Bron as Hermione Roddice
Alan Webb as Thomas Crich
Vladek Sheybal as Loerke
Catherine Willmer as Mrs. Crich
Phoebe Nicholls as Winifred Crich
Sharon Gurney as Laura Crich
Christopher Gable as Tibby Lupton
Michael Gough as Mr. Brangwen
Norma Shebbeare as Mrs. Brangwen
Niké Arrighi as Contessa
James Laurenson as Minister
Michael Graham Cox as Palmer
Richard Heffer as Loerke’s Friend
Michael Garratt as Maestro




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