Yellow Canary | 1943 | Anna Neagle, Richard Greene

Yellow Canary | 1943 | Anna Neagle, Richard Greene

When British aristocrat Sally Maitland’s (Anna Neagle) pro-Nazi sympathies become too much for her friends and family during WWII, she is forced to move to Canada. Underway, she strikes up shipboard flirtations with a Polish nobleman (Albert Lieven) and a British officer (Richard Greene), and then establishes connections with the German community in Halifax. As she becomes more and more deeply involved in their pro-Nazi activities, however, it turns out that neither she, the Polish nobleman, nor the British officer are who they claim to be. Good comedic dialogue and an elaborately plotted mystery make this an unusual wartime thriller.

Albert Lieven, who plays the Nazi villain in The Yellow Canary, was actually a German-born actor who fled Germany for England when the Nazis came to power.

Anna Neagle as Sally Maitland
Richard Greene as Lieutenant Commander Jim Garrick
Nova Pilbeam as Betty Maitland
Albert Lieven as Jan Orlock
Lucie Mannheim as Madame Orlock
George Thorpe as Colonel Charles Hargraves
Marjorie Fielding as Lady Maitland
Franklin Dyall as Captain Foster
Margaret Rutherford as Mrs. Towcester
Claude Bailey as Major Fothergill
Valentine Dyall as German Commander

Art Direction: William C. Andrews
Director Of Photography: Mutz Greenbaum
Director: Herbert Wilcox
Editor: Vera Campbell
Producer: Herbert Wilcox
Writer: P.M. Bower
Screenplay: Miles Malleson
Screenplay: DeWitt Bodeen

UK | 95 minutes | 1943



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