Not Only But Always | Channel 4 Drama (2004) | Rhys Ifans, Aidan McArdle

“Not Only But Always” is a 120-minute drama that originally aired on December 30, 2004, on Channel 4. The show explores the comedy partnership of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, starting from their first meeting and taking viewers through their iconic TV collaborations and beyond, until their eventual separation when Moore became a successful Hollywood actor. The drama, which was written and directed by Terry Johnson and produced by Alison Jackson, gives an in-depth look at the complex relationship between the two comedic geniuses.

Rhys Ifans portrays Peter Cook, while Aidan McArdle takes on the role of Dudley Moore. The cast also includes Jodie Rimmer as Wendy, Daphne Cheung as Lin, Camilla Power as Judy Huxtable, Alan Cox as Alan Bennett, and Jonathan Aris as Jonathan Miller.

It offers viewers a fascinating insight into the lives and careers of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and examines their impact on the comedy world.

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