The Enchanted Castle | BBC1 Children’s Fantasy Serial (1979) | Georgia Slowe and Simon Sheard

“The Enchanted Castle” is a period children’s fantasy serial that aired on UK’s BBC1 in 1979. The show consists of 6 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes. The series was written by Julian Jones and is based on the novel by E. Nesbit. Anna Home served as the producer, while Dorothea Brooking directed the episodes.

Set in Victorian times, “The Enchanted Castle” follows a group of children who stumble across a secret tunnel that leads them to a magical castle. The children embark on an adventure to rescue a princess, facing various obstacles along the way.

The main cast of the show includes Georgia Slowe as Mabel, Simon Sheard as Gerald, Candida Beveridge as Cathy, and Marcus Scott-Barrett as Jimmy.

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