The Nightmare Man | BBC1 (1981) | James Warwick, Celia Imrie

“The Nightmare Man” is a tense horror tinged serial that aired on BBC1 in 1981. The show consists of four 30-minute episodes, which originally premiered from May 1st to May 22nd. Written by Robert Holmes and directed by Douglas Camfield, this gripping story unfolds on the Scottish island of Inverdee.

The plot revolves around a terrifying monster-like killer that is on the loose. As the community of Inverdee becomes plagued by fear, the main characters, including Michael Gaffikin (played by James Warwick), Fiona Patterson (played by Celia Imrie), Inspector Inskip (played by Maurice Roƫves), Colonel Howard (played by Jonathan Newth), Sergeant Carch (played by James Cosmo), and McGrath (played by Jon Croft), must work together to uncover the truth and confront the chilling nightmare that haunts their island.

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