Nobody’s Perfect | ITV – LWT (1980-1982) | Elaine Stritch, Richard Griffiths

Nobody’s Perfect is a sitcom that aired on ITV – LWT from 1980 to 1982. It consisted of 14 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes. The show is a UK adaptation of the US sitcom Maude and follows the ups and downs of a married couple, the Hoopers.

The main characters are Bill Hooper, played by Elaine Stritch, and Sam Hooper, played by Richard Griffiths. Other notable cast members include Kim Braden as Liz, Ruby Head as Mrs Whicker, and Moray Watson as Henry Armstrong.

The show was written by Elaine Stritch and one episode by Richard Griffiths, with Humphrey Barclay serving as the producer.

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