The Coral Island | ITV Drama (2000) | William Mannering and Ashley Walters

“The Coral Island” is a period drama serial that aired on ITV (Made by Zenith) in 2000. The show consists of 4 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes. The series was written by Barry Purchase and is based on the novel by R.M. Ballantyne. John Price served as the producer, and the music was composed by Joe Campbell and Paul Hart. Val Metherington was in charge of costume design, while Mike Thomson was the cameraman. Peter Murphy served as the executive producer, and the episodes were directed by John Gorrie.

Set during the 1850s, “The Coral Island” tells the story of three young lads who find themselves shipwrecked on an incredible island. They soon find themselves caught up in adventures with pirates and restless natives.

The main cast of the show includes William Mannering as Ralph, Ashley Walters as Jack, Adam Deacon as Peterkin, Nicholas Ball as the Pirate Captain, Trevor Byfield as Bloody Bill, Danny Keough as Ned, and John Altman as the Captain of the Arrow.

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