UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 31 December 1969 at 8.00pm

Writers: Sheldon Keller. Digby Wolfe / Musical Associate: Derek Scott / Musical Numbers staged by Irving Davies / Production Design: Henry Graveney / Producers: Digby Wolfe, Bob Wynn / Director: Albert Locke

An episode of The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show with some high profile guest stars. Davy Jones ex of The Monkees, Harry Secombe, Terry-Thomas and Norman Wisdom headlined with back up from The Ambrosian Singers, The Irving Davies Dancers, The Mike Sammes Singers and Jack Parnell and his Orchestra.

Tennessee Ernie Ford (real name Ernest Jennings Ford) was a popular American singer and television host from the 1950’s onwards, usually performing Country and Western.

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