UK – Australia / ABC – BBC – Warner Sisters-Palm Beach / 2×90 minutes / 1996

Writer: Terry Johnson / Camera: Stephen Windon Design: Murray Picknett Costume: Alexandra Tynan Music: Paul Grabowsky Producers: Lavinia Warner, David Elfick / Executive Producers: Sue Masters, Michael Waering Director: MIchael Carson.

A UK-Australia co-production. Thriller serial. Australian Jack Shannon drags his English wife Ellie into a disastrous drugs running venture when he gets mixed up with the sinister Shelley.

Cast: HUGO WEAVING as Jack Shannon / LESLEY MANVILLE as Ellie Shannon / PAMELA RABE as Samira Nazib / FRANK GALLACHER as Larry Schofield / KEITH ALLEN as Shelley / REBEKAH JAY as Nicola Shannon / SHANE-FEENEY CONNOR as Thompson / GRANT PIRO as Miles / ARTHUR ANGEL as Bambi / CHRIS SIMPSON as Nick Joquin / THERESA WONG as Saw-Ye / PETER HARDY as Pete / STEVE PAYNE as Geoff / PETER ROBERTS as Dan / EDDIE SIM as Singh

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