Now and Then | ITV – London Weekend Television (1983-84) | Bernard Holley, John Alford

“Now and Then” is a sitcom that aired on ITV – London Weekend Television from 1983 to 1984. The show consisted of 13 half hour episodes. Written by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, and directed by Derrick Goodwin, the series revolves around a middle-aged man reflecting on his childhood during wartime, as he prepares to sell the house he has lived in his entire life. The show features flashbacks to his younger self, adding depth and nostalgia to the story.

The cast includes Bernard Holley as Peter Elston, the middle-aged man looking back on his past, and John Alford as Young Peter, portraying Peter’s younger self. Other notable cast members include Marc Gilbey as Alan Elston, Marcia Warren as Bet Elston, Liz Smith as Gran, Sam Kelly as Norman Elston, Barry Stanton as Uncle Gordon, June Brown as Aunt Sadie, and Jill Kerman as Jill Elston.

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