My Brother Jonathan | BBC1 Drama Series (1984) | Daniel Day-Lewis and Helen Ryan

My Brother Jonathan is a period drama series that aired on BBC1 in 1984. The show follows the lives of two brothers, Jonathan and Harold, living in the Black Country in the early 20th century. Jonathan, the older brother, faces challenges as he pursues his dream of becoming a doctor and moves to a rough area of London after qualifying.

The series consists of 4 episodes, each lasting 50 minutes. It is based on a novel by Francis Brett Young and was adapted for television by writer James Andrew Hall. The script was edited by Mervyn Haisman, with costume design by Rita Reekie and music by Stanley Myers. The production was overseen by producer Joe Waters and directed by Anthony Garner.

The main cast of My Brother Jonathan includes Daniel Day-Lewis as Jonathan, Helen Ryan as Laura Dakers, Caroline Bliss as Edie Martin, Frederick Treves as Dr. Hammond, TP McKenna as Lloyd Moore, Michael Troughton as Arthur Martook, John Stone as Dr. Craig, Tony Doyle as John Morse, Michael Loughnan as Dr. Monaghan, Anthony Rowe as Mr. Wilburn, and Sally Watkins as Lily Rudge.

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