Night Flight | BBC One (2002) | Christopher Plummer, Edward Woodward

“Night Flight” is a gripping drama that aired on BBC One in 2002. The show consists of two 80-minute episodes and originally premiered on February 2nd at 9:00pm and 10:40pm. Written by William Ivory and directed by Nicholas Renton, with Hilary Salmon as the producer, the story unfolds in both the present day and 1943.

The plot centers around a Lancaster bomber pilot, Harry Peters, who reunites with a former comrade, Vic Green, at a commemoration service 50 years later.

Both parts of “Night Flight” were aired on the same night, with a 20-minute news segment in between. While part one had no closing credits, part two started with new opening titles and repeated the names of the star actors. This suggests that the show was intentionally made as a two-parter rather than a single episode interrupted by the news segment.

The cast of “Night Flight” includes Christopher Plummer as Harry Peters, Edward Woodward as Vic Green, Kenneth Cranham as Ted Atwell, Barbara Flynn as Moira, Alec Newman as the younger Harry, and Christine Tremarco as Pam Atwell.

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